Our Educational Concept

Study, create and inspire

Advancements in technology, communication, and the social network are disrupting businesses, organisations and communities all over the world in all aspects of our daily lives. As adults we strive everyday to keep up with these changes in order to stay relevant, to remain employed and to have a fulfilling life. This unforeseeable future that we face is far more daunting for our children. At Charterhouse Malaysia our educational programme is deliberately and thoughtfully designed to provide our children with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to successfully navigate through this constant change.  Students will experience personal and collective growth that will see them emerge as decent, confident, complete, learned young people who are both willing and able to live good lives; lives that see them achieve personal success whilst contributing to improving the lives of the people with whom they come into contact, and society as a whole.  Our education programme is designed to ensure our students are ‘Future Ready’.

We will do this by not attempting to “predict and provide” but rather by:

  • Building eternal human and ethical qualities that are the foundations of a decent contributing citizen
  • Providing the confidence to move easily in global communities from strong language skills and fluent cultural knowledge
  • Building awareness of and the ability to exercise the full breadth of their human intelligence

The resulting graduates of Charterhouse Malaysia will:

  • Know how to learn and to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.
  • Have the flexibility of mind to respond with imagination and creativity to changing situations
  • Have the breadth of intelligence and calm, self-confidence to mix easily with others
  • Have characters of empathy and sensitivity that will help them form strong inter-personal relationships at school, in the family and in their professional lives.
  • Be the kind of people that brings the best out of other people
  • Achieve the highest of academic results
  • Attend the best universities globally
  • Be successful at a personal and community level

Our educational concept is about living and learning together; a shared vision of what is required to be successful in the future. A concept that places individual responsibility at the centre but with an awareness that only by moving beyond our comfort zone and in collaboration with others, will we truly be able to embrace the challenges of the future and succeed.


Our programme harnesses the environment; physically, intellectually and emotionally, moving beyond bricks and mortar, beyond the confines of a traditional classroom or campus and experiencing learning within a community as an active member. Learning to be truly effective needs a person to learn how to value and utilise the full breadth of their intelligences. At Charterhouse Malaysia we facilitate this personal and collective growth by:

  • Implementing a blended learning approach, where traditional learning meets artificial intelligence and technology,
  • Teaching students to apply Design Thinking processes for the creative solution of problems,
  • Undertaking individual social and entrepreneurial projects that will have a direct impact on their communities,
  • Building digital portfolios that allow students to establish goals, monitor and evaluate their progress in developing knowledge, skills and understanding, and creating a story to tell to the top universities and employers around the world,
  • Developing all human intelligences through our interwoven Spectra Smarts programme.

Our students will be ready, on leaving the school, to live good lives, with the educational credentials for strong professional careers, with the qualities to enhance the lives of people around them and the spark of individuality to bring changes to the world.

They will have experienced an education built on participation and relationships and they will be practised, experienced, and accomplished in how to study, how to create, and how to inspire.