Our History

Providing educational excellence since 1611

Charterhouse has been evolving for over four hundred years to meet the needs of learners. Founded in London, the early schoolhouse established to give forty ‘poor scholars’ a chance to forge a better life. This belief in education to build better lives is at the core of our mission today.

In 1872, the school (newly defined as one of the country’s seven ‘public schools’) relocated to the present site in Surrey, where the school population will soon number over a thousand. The stirring architecture combines the traditional with the new, symbolising Charterhouse’s commitment to embracing the new while drawing on the past.

Charterhouse values are perseverance, responsibility, moral courage, open-mindedness, and kindness. With a history of evolution, embracing change while finding strength from deep roots, Charterhouse is one of England’s great schools.