Helping you to choose Charterhouse Malaysia

What grade/year groups are open for admissions in August 2021?

We are currently accepting applications from students wishing to join our Year 12 only. Year 12 is the first year of the Cambridge A-Level programme, a two-year, pre-university programme.

Is there an admissions test?

All students, as part of the admissions process, will take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). This is an online assessment used by many international schools to establish a student’s potential for success at A-Level. The admissions team will coordinate when and where this will be taken. For students in Malaysia it will be scheduled for completion in KL. For students overseas, who are unable to travel to KL it will be arranged to be taken at a local examination centre near them. Please see the admissions process on this website for further details.

Are all passport holders able to apply to be a student?

We welcome applications from students of all nationalities, both those currently resident in Malaysia, and those wishing to relocate.

Is support provided by the school for the application of the student pass and visa, for those relocating from overseas?

The school will provide you with complete guidelines on the application process for the student pass and immigration visa. In addition, the school will provide a support service to collate and process the documentation with the relevant authorities. Please note that this process can take up to 5 months to complete. Our admissions team will initiate this discussion with you.

If enrolling from overseas is it necessary for the student to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of their stay in Malaysia?

Yes, students must be accompanied by a parent or adult relative for the duration of their stay in Malaysia. The process of applying for a visa will be supported by the school. Please speak with the admissions team for further details.

Does the school provide boarding for students?

We do not currently provide boarding for our students. However, please do speak with our admissions team to discuss local options.



Will the school provide a daily bus service to pick up and drop off students from their homes?

The school will be able to support families in finding suitable transportation. Our admissions team will be able to provide a list of recommended transporters in your area.

Does the school provide catering services?

The school has a limited ‘Café’ service onsite, we do not provide a full-service canteen. Students are able to bring their own lunches onto campus or alternatively they may make use of the many restaurants within the Hartamas Shopping Mall or Plaza Damas precinct. Our school is attached to the shopping mall and we have a secure and supervised direct access.

What will the class sizes be?

A-Level classes will be capped at 12 students. Students will receive a very high level of personal attention from our teachers.

Does the school provide English as an Additional Language classes?

As part of the admissions process and through continuous assessment once enrolled in the school, all students will have their English Language levels assessed. Where required and tailored to their individual needs, students will receive English Language classes. This will be a regular timetabled class delivered by our English Language teachers.

Will the school provide the opportunity for students to achieve an English Language qualification to meet entrance criteria from universities around the world?

As part of our university guidance we will establish with each student what qualifications they will need in English, but also other areas. Where an English Language qualification is required we will ensure that this is studied for and taken in a timely manner. For most students this will be the IELTS qualification.