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Future ReadyEducation For a New Reality

Our Programmes

IGCSE Foundation

Designed for high-achieving students in Year 9 or Year 10 with great potential. Our IGCSE Foundation provides a head start on the journey to becoming Future Ready global citizens. Combining our Spectra Smarts Framework, Design Thinking approach and Independent Learning Projects, we blend academic rigour with holistic development to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing world.


We prepare students for the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations which are widely accepted by universities in the UK, America, Australia, and around the world. We describe our curriculum as “three-dimensional” because it is designed to nurture a child’s intellectual growth alongside their ethical and spiritual development.

A Level

Our robust and formal curriculum prepares students for the Cambridge International A Level examinations. High standards of teaching and scholarship drives academic achievement, with many of our students receiving offers from top UK universities this year. Our approach to education is student-centred, where we focus on developing each individual’s unique talents and interests to help them reach their full potential.

4-Year Pathway

Our 4-year pathway (years 10-13) prepares students for the IGCSE and A Level examinations. This pathway prepares students for admission into the world’s leading universities. We inspire and empower our students to go beyond the minimum, to develop their full potential and to truly stand out from the crowd. This preparation starts at Year 10, where students are nurtured towards excellent academic results, building strong character, serving the community and much more.


Our boarding house provides a nurturing environment for students aged 13 to 19. We assure their safety, comfort, and academic development throughout their educational journey. A dedicated live-in House Parent will provide students with unwavering support, acting as a mentor, guide, and friend to every student.

Breakfast and dinner are included in our meal plan, provided seven days a week.

Why Choose Us?

400-year heritage

Charterhouse Malaysia integrates 400-year-old traditions from one of Britain’s most reputable public schools with modern teaching and learning pedagogies to shape a distinctive education suited to Asia and an ever-evolving world.

Offers from the top universities

Our curriculum is built on participation and relationships, with a strong emphasis on independent study and research. Our students have received offers from top UK universities such as UCL, Imperial, King’s College, London School of Economics and many more.

The Independent Learning Projects

An opportunity for students to conduct an Independent Research Project aimed at solving a real-world problems.

Charterhouse Forum

An organisation encouraging engagement in leadership and community activities.

Small Classrooms

IGCSE Foundation – 18 students per class

IGCSE – 18 students per class

A Level – 14 student per class

IGNITE Internships

A unique opportunity to gain practical work experience through brief placements that align with students’ interest. Some of the companies participating in our IGNITE programme are MYAirline, myNEWS, Kevin Wu & Associates and many more.

Our Campus

Flexible and imaginative spaces designed to optimise learning.


Communal Spaces





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