We offer a broad range of Cambridge A Levels

Our robust, formal curriculum of academic disciplines prepares students for Cambridge International A level examinations, which are accepted by universities in the UK, America, Australia and around the world.

The high standards of teaching and scholarship at Charterhouse Malaysia drives academic achievement. Students are taught in small classes with a maximum of 12 students per class. There is a strong emphasis on independent study and research. Engaging in independent learning projects not only supports strong university applications, it also develops critical thinking skills and nurtures important personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others.

The school day is designed to provide opportunities for collaboration and student leadership. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, learners will have the opportunity to embed skills into the Indpendent Learning Programme, Community Outreach initiatives, and extra – curricular opportunities. These activities support the healthy development of our learners and underscore our school culture which declares that a person’s success is measured in their value to others.

We describe our curriculum as ‘three-dimensional’ because it is designed to nurture a child’s intellectual growth alongside their ethical and spiritual development. Students acquire ethical understanding by identifying and investigating the nature of ethical concepts, values and reasoning. By engaging in community projects they develop a respect for others and learn to act with ethical integrity. In an environment that respects the individual and relationships, students develop compassion and mindfulness, which fosters the development of the ultimate human qualities that we think of as the spirit.

Students graduate from Charterhouse Malaysia with more than comprehensive and recognisable qualifications, they also have the skills and future ready qualities that will allow them to move confidently and responsibly in the world.