Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures

A safe and hygienic environment for our students

Introduction – Covid 19

A safe environment in which to Study, Create and Inspire

During this global pandemic Charterhouse Malaysia is committed to providing our staff and students with a safe and hygienic environment that complies with the highest of standards as laid out by the World Health Organisation and the Ministries of Education and Health, in Malaysia.


  • All visitors, students and staff will undergo a mandatory screening before entering the campus. This will include the use of MySejahtera App, temperature check and application of Hand Sanitiser.
  • All movement around the school premises will need to adhere to the 1-metre distancing rule.
  • Students and staff are not permitted in the school if they are displaying any symptoms of illness and must be symptom-free for at least 2 days before they can return to school.
  • Co-Curricular Activities are currently permitted but must adhere to the social distancing and hygiene SOPs
  • School trips are temporarily postponed

Parents will not be permitted circulate on campus beyond the school reception area.

Students Showing Signs of Illness

Students who show any signs of illness may not attend school. 

  • Please do NOT send your child to school if she or he is showing any symptoms of illness which could be passed onto another child or adult. Allergies must be supported by a medical note from a doctor that states this is 100% not Covid-19 related.
  • If any member of the household has symptoms of Covid-19, do NOT send your child to school per the national authorities’ guidelines.
  • Students who show signs of illness or have a temperature of 37.5oC or higher will be sent home from school. Temperature checks will occur twice per day. A member of administration, nurse, or teacher will phone a parent to arrange immediate pick up of the child in question. It may be necessary to notify the Health Authorities. Students will wait in an isolation room.
  • Contact tracing may occur if the Health Authorities request it.

Hand Washing/Sanitising and wearing of masks

  • Students and staff will enter school at their assigned entrance one at a time, one metre apart and will remain one metre apart the entire school day.
  • Students and staff will sanitise their hands as they enter the building.
  • Students and staff will sanitise their hands as they enter and leave the classroom.
  • Students and staff will be encouraged to visit the designated toilets for regular handwashing in order to avoid overuse of hand sanitiser.

Students and Staff will be expected to wear masks whilst on campus.

The Medical Centre and Isolation Room

  • The medical centre will be operating as normal but with restricted and limited entry. A holding area for students waiting to be assessed has been designated.

An isolation room at the school entrance has been created for all students showing symptoms of Covid-19 and waiting to be collected by parents. This is a well-ventilated room where social distancing will be practiced.

Social Distancing

One-metre markers will be placed at key points throughout the school building. Canteen, Reception, offices, toilets, school entrances, pick up and drop off points. Classrooms are laid out according to the 1m social distancing guidelines.

Students and Staff will be separated by one metre throughout the school day both in the class and when transitioning to and from break, lunch etc.

Cleaning of the School Premises

  • The school will be deep cleaned before the first day of opening
  • The school will undergo a system of continuous rotational cleaning of all areas daily
  • Additional regular cleaning of banisters, door handles, light switches, table-tops, chairs etc. will occur on a continuous basis throughout the day by the maintenance and cleaning staff.
  • Toilets and sinks will be cleaned on a continuous basis throughout the day by the maintenance and cleaning staff.
  • Staff and students will help to maintain the cleanliness and sanitary nature of offices and classrooms

Classroom Learning

  • Classrooms will be set up for learning according to social distancing guidelines
  • Teachers and Lab Technicians will be responsible for sanitising shared teaching and learning resources
  • Teachers and students will use a blended learning approach
  • Students will be expected to bring their own devices to school for use during lessons and study periods.
  • Specialist subjects will have practical elements so long as they can be practiced within the SOPs.
  • Assessment and reporting will continue as normal
  • Evidence of achievement will be recorded for use should examinations be cancelled

Expectations of Parents

  • Parents are not to send or bring sick students to school, or students with any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Parents are to ensure that they or the driver of the vehicle do not have any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Parents are encouraged to have only one adult accompany the students in the vehicle to school.
  • Parents need to understand that students will be sent home upon arrival if displaying, or any passenger in the car displays, any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Parents are to drop off their students at the designated drop off point and will not exit the vehicle.
  • Parents need to ensure that private transporters follow the drop off and pick up norms of the school during this social distancing period.
  • Parents need to ensure that transporters follow the government guidelines on safe transportation of passengers.

Parents are to ensure their children attend school each day in clean clothes and that their bags and belongings have been sanitised.

Confirmed Case of Covid-19 in the school community

  • If a member of the school community has been confirmed as having Covid-19 the school needs to be informed immediately
  • The school will liaise with the appropriate authorities for contact tracing and deep cleaning of the school if this is required
  • The school will follow the guidance of the Health Authorities in-regards to next steps.

Parental Consent

In order for you to send your child back to school it is necessary for you to complete the declaration through the link below.

This will be the evidence that you have read the steps we are taking in school to ensure your child’s health and safety and that you are consenting to your child attending school with these SOPs in place.