House System

Creating a sense of belonging and purpose

Our Houses

Developed with preserving the endangered species of Asia in mind


Each student will be placed in one of our 8 houses. A House Tutor will lead these Houses alongside the students and House activities will be entwined with our Spectra Smarts, the independent learning project, our WEAVE programme, our Community Outreach, our Charterhouse Forum and our House competitions.

Each house has its own identity that goes beyond the house name, house shape, house colour, the house animal or the allegiance to house sports teams.  The students work together as a whole house to compete in a broad range of competitions throughout the school year, from music to debating to sports.  Students learn to work together and succeed together, developing a strong sense of belonging.  Key to this is the way they take responsibility for each other and care for each other. Students will have plenty of opportunity to put into practice the leadership and team-building skills they have learned as they take responsibility for organising house teams, house events, and the house trips.

Charterhouse Malaysia House systems will provide the platform for all student to shine, for them to be inspirations to their peers, teachers and the wider community.