Our Team

Experienced and dedicated educators

Richard Davidson


Education Background
Leeds University, MA International Education Management
University of Wales, B.Ed (Hons) Business Studies

What drew you to Charterhouse Malaysia?
I have spent the past 25 years developing an educational philosophy and creating education programmes that are student centred with a specific emphasis on developing life-long learners and preparing students, via a holistic approach to learning, for the ever-changing future.

I believe passionately in high academic standards, but I recognise that we all have multiple intelligences, and I am as equally passionate about the need to develop the full breadth of these whilst building character, a positive growth mindset and a range of transferable skills. I have seen how an education that provides all of these elements enables students to face the unpredictable future with creativity and confidence, and fulfil their potential as individuals, and also as leaders and changemakers in a global community.

Charterhouse Malaysia has a vision and mission that mirrors my own beliefs on what an excellent future ready education programme is. The focus on blended learning, design thinking, the multiple human intelligences in the SPECTRA Smarts curriculum, and the involvement of all students in research projects that impact on society, whilst building a portfolio of evidence of their learning to present to the top universities in the world will ensure that our students have the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to Study, Create and Inpsire. This is a huge draw for me.

How do you think you will add value to the Charterhouse Malaysia?
Charterhouse Malaysia has a Vision, Mission and set of Core Values that I embrace as my own. My passion, work ethic, empathy, compassion and humility coupled to my experiences in Malaysia and elsewhere internationally, will enable me to contribute positively to building a holistic learning community with the highest of ethical, intellectual and spiritual standards. A school where individuals flourish, where collectively we can achieve anything we set our minds to, and a school that is a beacon of learning for others to emulate but one that is also rooted to, and at the heart of our community.

Tom Robinson

Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)

Education Background
University of Surrey, U.K., BA Combined studies (History and Geography)
University of Leicester, U.K., Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management

What drew you to Charterhouse Malaysia?
I knew of Charterhouse from my life in the U.K. both as a student playing hockey against Charterhouse and as a teacher taking sports teams to play against the school. The history of the school is amazing and to be given the opportunity to join such a prestigious organisation was a position I had to take.

Once I knew of the philosophies that were being proposed such as ‘Future Ready’, the Spectra Smarts and the WEAVE programme, my decision was enhanced even further. I have spent the last 25 years in Malaysia encouraging community and charity opportunities for students and I passionately believe that education runs beyond the classroom. Be that through trips, community projects, sport or competition, we learn in many different ways and I believe Charterhouse Malaysia will provide incredible opportunities for our students in these areas and in learning without walls.

At times like these we do not know what lies ahead and by leading our students to be Future Ready we will give them the knowledge they need to take their next steps in the world.

How do you think you will add value to the Charterhouse Malaysia?
My experience in the pastoral side of school life is something that I feel will be a part of Charterhouse Malaysia and my connections in and around the community will allow us to be able to create partnerships with local organisations that will enhance our students growth. Building a community of Carthusians within the local community is something I am passionate about and having our students at the heart of this community is a priority for us.

I have a great deal of experience and knowledge with regard to the safeguarding and wellbeing of students and have links with local authorities and departments liaise with should the need arise. Developing students into well rounded individuals and providing them with opportunities has been a passion for many years and, also, I am looking forward to developing a strong House system whereby students are proud of their Houses.

Developing a strong network of Old Carthusians here in Malaysia is a priority as they will be able to bring depths of knowledge and experience to our students and show how proud they were to study at Charterhouse U.K.

Finally, I believe that the Student Leader is the leader of change and should be allowed to make changes to their learning. By allowing them the voice that they should have Charterhouse Malaysia will develop these skills in our students and allow them to become Future Ready.

Rachael Smith

Deputy Headteacher (Academic)

Education Background
University of Worcester, BA (Hons) 1st Class – Business Management and Politics
University College London, PGCE Economics and Business Education
University of Bath, MA Education – Leadership and Management (2021)

SMITH, R., BELL, R. and WATTS, H., 2014. Personality trait differences between traditional and social entrepreneurs. Social Enterprise Journal, 10(3), pp. 200-221.

What drew you to Charterhouse Malaysia?
Having spent time in Malaysia two summers ago, I was enraptured by this country’s beauty, friendliness, and ambition. When the opportunity arose to take a position this position at Charterhouse Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, I immediately knew that this would be the right place for me.

The Charterhouse Malaysia, and wider Charterhouse Asia group’s philosophy to education aligns perfectly with my own. I have a passionate belief that service learning and social enterprise opportunities are invaluable for students to develop the skills that they need to thrive in a fast – moving world; At Charterhouse Malaysia students will not just be encouraged to build these skills, but required to embrace them as part of our Independent Learning Programme (ILP). I’m also a firm believer in problem solving, design thinking – based approaches to pedagogy where students take ownership to solve problems creatively. These approaches are at the core of learning at Charterhouse Malaysia and the wider Charterhouse Asia group, and quite simply these opportunities are not on offer for students or staff anywhere else in the World. I am incredibly excited to be part of this ground-breaking opportunity to join a team of educators who, like me, embrace a ‘future ready’ approach to education.

How do you think you will add value to the Charterhouse Malaysia?
I’m looking forward to using my experience in developing staff in innovative teaching practices to help develop truly outstanding, world first curriculum and classroom experience for learners at Charterhouse Malaysia. I will know this has been achieved when I visit classrooms and see inspired, problem based learning with students taking control of their own development.

Charterhouse Malaysia will strive to form partnerships with local Social Enterprise and Charities, an area which I have significant experience developing such relationships in my previous schools, and also in my personal life. I am looking forward to help drive these relationships, alongside my team, and the student body.

Finally, I am enthusiastic to share my experience in delivering Independent Learning Projects and Qualifications. Students who embrace these can enjoy deeper engagement in their academic subjects, and develop highly sought after critical thinking and research skills which are prized by the world’s leading universities.