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Learner’s Portfolio

Integrating Growth, Achievement, and Future Readiness

Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio (CLP)

The Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio (CLP) is a dynamic digital space where students capture their intellectual journey and development during their time at Charterhouse Malaysia. The CLP represents the student’s development under our guiding principles: Study, Create, and Inspire.

The CLP provides tangible evidence of students’ development, showcasing their strengths, areas for growth, ability to take on challenges, and engagement with important issues. House Tutors support students in their CLP journey, ensuring activities align with personal growth and learning outcomes.

Using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Canvas, we manage the practical aspects of the CLP. Each House Tutor Group has a dedicated Canvas course to record and monitor students’ progress. The online ‘Portfolium’ serves as the platform for students to showcase their CLP, with evidence of growth and development uploaded periodically. These portfolios provide a comprehensive view of students’ educational journey, shared with university admissions teams through personal statements or school references.

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