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The Charterhouse Forum

Unleashing Student Leadership Potential


Charterhouse Malaysia nurtures future leaders through the empowering Charterhouse Forum—an inclusive platform for students to make a real impact. Led by an elected Executive Committee, students actively shape extracurricular activities, taking on leadership roles in our vibrant community.

The Charterhouse Forum offers diverse avenues for personal growth and leadership development. Join the Music Society, Drama Club, Oxbridge Society, Medical and Law Societies, Engineering Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Sports Teams, or Gym to showcase talents, receive tailored guidance, explore career aspirations, and foster a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage students to propose new clubs and societies aligned with their passions and aspirations. The Charterhouse Forum supports their initiatives, fostering inclusivity and allowing students to lead and pursue their interests.

The Forum’s impact, including students’ involvement and achievements, becomes a vital part of their Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio—an impressive testament to their readiness for university and future success. Experience the Charterhouse Forum, where students create positive change within our school and beyond.

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Explore Further