IGCSE Foundation

Providing a Strong Academic Foundation for Future Success

The IGCSE Foundation Programme at Charterhouse Malaysia is carefully designed to equip all Year 9 students, including those students from overseas requiring further language development, with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for their onward academic journey. Our programme stands out through its focus on academic excellence, innovative teaching methodologies and comprehensive skill development.

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Academic Excellence

Our dedicated educators are committed to delivering a rigorous academic curriculum that blends traditional subjects with innovative approaches. We integrate the Spectra Smarts Framework and apply a design thinking approach to all subjects, enabling students to develop critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. With a strong emphasis on IGCSE content, we ensure that students build a solid academic foundation.

Project Based Learning

In our core subjects such as Science, The Arts, and Humanities, we use well-established Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodologies to ensure our teachers cover the full content of the IGCSE syllabus in the most dynamic and effective way possible. PBL provides students with hands-on experiences, engaging them in real-world projects that foster collaboration, critical thinking and deeper subject understanding. By connecting classroom learning to practical applications, students develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Language Development

We recognise the significance of language proficiency in a globalised society. Alongside English, our programme offers language options such as Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin, and Spanish or English as an Additional Language. These language programmes focus on developing effective communication, reading and writing skills, empowering students to engage confidently with diverse cultures and different points of view.


Sports and The Incubator

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we understand the importance of physical fitness and technological literacy. Our IGCSE Foundation Programme includes sports activities that promote teamwork, discipline and a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, through The Incubator, our students explore the world of coding and robotics, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and fostering innovation.

Our IGCSE Foundation Programme provides a transformative education. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, innovative teaching methods and small class sizes of maximum 18 students, our programme ensures our students all enjoy personalised attention and can make meaningful connections with teachers and their peers. Students have access to our unique Future Ready programmes, including The Forum and IGNITE, empowering them to lead, explore their passions and make a positive impact on the world.

Subjects Offered

  • IGCSE Mathematics
  • IGCSE English & English Literature
  • IGCSE Bahasa Melayu or IGCSE Mandarin
  • IGCSE Spanish or English as an Additional Language
  • The Incubator (Entrepreneurship, Coding & Robotics)
  • PBL Creatives & Performing Arts
  • PBL Science
  • PBL Humanities
  • Tutorials & Assemblies