The Incubator

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Fostering Innovation


The Incubator is a revolutionary concept that redefines the way students approach learning. At Charterhouse Malaysia, we understand the importance of fostering creativity and innovation in our students. That’s why we’ve created a unique space that integrates design thinking and hands-on learning opportunities to inspire students to explore, experiment, and create.

Located on an entire floor of our school, the Incubator is a hub of activity, offering a wide range of facilities and resources to our students. From music rooms to maker spaces, art studios to science laboratories, performing arts studios to design technology workshops, this innovative space is designed to support students in developing their passions, talents, and interests in a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment.

The Incubator is linked to design thinking, which encourages students to approach problems with a creative mindset, using empathy and experimentation to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. By providing a range of resources and equipment, students can explore and experiment with different ideas and approaches, allowing them to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills, and creativity.

Here are just a few examples of how students can use the Incubator to enhance their learning experiences

Collaborative Team Project
    The Incubator is the perfect space for students to work together on team projects. Whether it’s designing and building a robot in the Design and Technology Workshop, creating a musical composition in the recording studio, conducting science research in the laboratory, or exploring creative solutions in the maker space, the Incubator provides the resources and space for students to collaborate and create.
Individual Projects
    The Incubator also caters to individual projects, providing a supportive and inspiring environment for students to work on their own projects. Whether it’s composing a piece of music, designing a piece of art, conducting scientific experiments, or developing innovative solutions, the Incubator provides the resources and space for students to explore their interests and develop their skills.
Out-of-class Activities
    The Incubator is not just limited to classroom activities. Students can use the space outside of class time to pursue their interests and passions. Whether it’s practicing their musical instrument, rehearsing a play, experimenting with new materials, or working on entrepreneurial ventures, the Incubator provides a safe and inspiring environment for students to pursue their passions.
Music Rooms
    In addition to traditional music practice, students can use the music rooms to experiment with music technology, collaborate on song writing projects, and create soundscapes for various purposes.
Recording Studio
    Students can use the recording studio to produce podcasts, record audio for film projects, and create engaging audio content.
Drama Studio & Auditorium
    Beyond traditional theatre performances, students can use the drama studio to create their own short films or documentaries, experimenting with lighting, camera angles, and sound effects.
Orchestra Room
    In addition to classical music performances, students can use the orchestra room to explore improvisation, jazz, world music styles, and collaborate with others on original compositions.
Art & Design Studio
    Students can use the art and design studio to explore graphic design principles, develop fine arts skills, and experiment with mixed media art.
Design & Technology Workshop
    In addition to traditional design and technology projects, students can use the workshop to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems, such as designing sustainable solutions or creating assistive technologies.
Science Laboratories
    Students can use the science laboratories to conduct experiments that explore real-world developments, challenges and opportunities such as environmental degradation, renewable energy, and related scientific discoveries.
Maker Space
    The maker space provides students with tools and equipment to bring their ideas to life, whether it’s prototyping inventions, experimenting with robotics, or developing new software applications.
    The Incubator also offers entrepreneurship opportunities, through which Charterhouse Malaysia empowers students to create their own businesses, work in and with the community, and be mentored by industry leaders. This real-world experience prepares them for success in their future careers, whether it’s starting their own venture or becoming a leader in an established organisation.

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we believe in providing our students with the resources and space to pursue their own interests and ideas. The Incubator encourages students to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. Whether it’s through music, art, design, technology, or entrepreneurship, the Incubator provides students with the opportunity to explore their passions and develop the skills they need to make a difference in the world.