Spectra Smarts

Embracing the full depth of human intelligence

Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to think critically, creatively and inquisitively about the information they acquire. Central to this is “Spectra Smarts”, a unique approach which draws on ancient wisdom to develop the full scope of interwoven human intelligence.

Intelligence is not limited to academic knowledge, it includes being smart about people, understanding, thinking, feelings, situations and oneself. “Spectra Smarts” is informed by the work of Professor Rose Luckin, a leading expert in the application of AI in education and author of “Machine Learning and Human Intelligence”, but the approach is our own. Each week a different aspect of human intelligence is explored using sources of wisdom from around the world. From Chinese philosopher Confucius to Indian scholar Vishnu Sharma, students learn to recognise and think deeply about human intelligence in its various forms.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the workplace. Humans are no match for robots in terms of academic intelligence, but AI doesn’t come close to us when it comes to social and emotional intelligence or our ability to make sense of new situations. By moving away from a traditional education model that focuses exclusively on academic intelligence and the accumulation of knowledge, to one which embraces the full depth of human intelligence, we prepare young people for future success.

In the coming age of AI, when everything that can be automated will be, those who will flourish will be the ones who can work with the robots, not be outsmarted by them. “Spectra Smarts” is designed to bring out the best of what it means to be human, so that our graduates are ready to succeed in a high-tech future.