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About Charterhouse
International Secondary

We are an English-medium International School located in Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Our Future Ready education is geared towards 14 to 19-year-olds, preparing our students for the Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A Levels in a varied and dynamic learning environment.

Our programme is delivered by our teachers who are expert IGCSE and A Level subject specialists, experienced university and career guidance counsellors and personal development coaches who provide structured mentorship to our students, ensuring they are future ready.

Our city campus is a blend of the traditional and modern; where the past meets the present and anticipates the future.

Access the Best Universities Globally

Our Future Ready programme is deliberately and purposefully designed to provide students with the opportunity to access the best universities globally.

Our core values are embedded in our Charterhouse Community Partnership
A love for learning is applied through the use of design thinking and project based learning methodologies
The full breadth of human intelligences is developed through our Spectra Smarts programme for students to achieve their fullest potential
Essential and transferable 21st-century and life skills via our Charterhouse Forum and the student leadership programme
Digital Learner’s Portfolio provides the framework for a strategic approach to personal development

Change for the Better

Charterhouse Malaysia welcomes students whose learning has recently been disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

This special promotion gives students looking to switch schools the option of a hassle-free application and transfer process.

Benefit from The Carthusian Award, a full-ride scholarship in a Future Ready school. Students successfully conferred at our institution will benefit from a RM69,000 fixed annual fee for the first 2 years programme.

We are proud to open our doors to exceptional students of high-calibre into the Charterhouse Malaysia campus. Our selection criteria will be based on student merit.

Be part of a Future Ready education.

Why Charterhouse Malaysia

Our education is focussed on preparing students for an uncertain future through proven methods.


A 400-year British education heritage

Future Ready

An intelligence-based ‘Future Ready’ curriculum

Limited Students in Each Class

Cambridge A Levels classes of 12 pupils & IGCSE classes of 18 students only

Holistic growth

A focus on holistic growth and academic excellence


Designed to provide endless opportunities for collaboration and student leadership

Independent study

Strong emphasis on independent study and research assignments

Strong university application

Our Independent Learning Projects drive strong university applications

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills and values through service and entrepreneurial learning

The Charterhouse Core Values

We embrace a holistic approach towards moulding students by encouraging academic excellence alongside personal values.


Moral Courage




Our Programme

Cambridge IGCSE

IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification that encourages learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning. Our classes are conducted in a modern, safe and secure environment with a maximum of 18 students per class.

The ‘three-dimensional’ curriculum at Charterhouse is designed to nurture a student’s intellectual growth alongside their ethical and spiritual development. This encourages more face-to-face learning with a strong focus in independent study and research that nurtures critical thinking skills and fosters values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others.

Cambridge A Levels

The Cambridge A Level is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ of international pre-university qualifications and is the gateway to the most prestigious universities worldwide.

The high standards of teaching, unique learning methods and scholarships provided at Charterhouse Malaysia drives academic achievement. Our students are taught in small groups with a maximum of 12 students per class, where each mindful interaction drives strong academic achievement with a strong emphasis on independent study and research.

Each lesson goes beyond the academic learning, as we equip our students with a comprehensive and recognisable qualification, skills and future ready qualities to move confidently in the world.

Our Curriculum

Our robust curriculum prepares students for Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A Levels examinations, accepted by universities in the UK, America, Australia and around the world. It is designed to furnish students with a Future Ready mindset.

Independent Learning Programme

The Independent Learning Programme forms an integral part of our curriculum. Over the course of their programme, learners will participate in service and entrepreneurial learning, by conducting an Independent Research Project aimed at solving a real-world problem.

Design Thinking

Our students are taught to solve problems using design thinking, an innovative process widely used by scientists, inventors and innovators. The Charterhouse approach to design thinking is called WEAVE.

Spectra Smarts

Spectra Smarts is a unique approach designed to encourage critical, creative and inquisitive thinking in students. By moving away from a traditional education model, we prepare young people for future success.

Charterhouse Forum

All students will become members of the Charterhouse Forum which acts as a platform for them to explore opportunities to take on leadership roles or to be active team members, and to have a substantial impact on the Charterhouse Community and beyond.

Our Campus

At Charterhouse, we believe that learning no longer happens exclusively in the classroom. Our campus design is based on the work of a leading futurist in educational technology where each space has an intended purpose and is created for optimal learning flow and flexibility. Our varied and creative learning environment in the school boasts cutting-edge design and materials. Transcend the ordinary and step into a Future Ready campus.

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Our city campus is a blend of the traditional and modern; where the past meets the present and anticipates the future.