The History of Charterhouse

Founded in 1611 in London, Charterhouse was erected to give 40 poor scholars a chance to forge better lives. Today, Charterhouse is one of the UK’s leading independent boarding and day schools, providing an exceptional learning experience for boys and girls aged 16 to 19.

Also known as a British Public School in the United Kingdom, an independent school is a group of institutions offering secondary school education for a fee, independent of the government in terms of administration and endowment. The term ‘public school’ was used in the sense of being open to students irrespective of their denomination, parents profession or locality. It came into existence in the 18th century and was made formal by the Public School Act 1968. Charterhouse was one of the seven prestigious schools reformed by the Act, along with Eton, Shrewsbury, Winchester, Harrow, Westminster and Rugby.

The belief in education to build better lives is the core of the mission at Charterhouse. It attaches itself to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. The school defies every kind of discrimination, inclusion and malice in any form promoting British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance.

Charterhouse Malaysia

In 2021, Kuala Lumpur welcomed Charterhouse, one of the founding seven British Public schools, into the locality of Sri Hartamas. The establishment of Charterhouse Malaysia presents merits of service, excellence and a sense of community, similar to its British counterpart. What’s most exciting, however, is the fact that the Asian edition of Charterhouse benefits from having the best of both worlds – A heritage that stems from hundreds of years, and the position to harness the exciting potential of the future in an ethnocultural society.

Charterhouse Malaysia is an international sixth form college where the Cambridge International A Level and IGCSE Courses are taught in English, equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a complex, fast-changing and multi-cultural society to be future leaders.

Living by Charterhouse Values – A Purpose-driven Education

The academic and pastoral programmes in Charterhouse encourage students to develop their unique strengths and abilities to flourish and become the best possible versions of themselves.

We recognise that we each have a responsibility to reflect upon everything we have been given.  We strive to make the most of the opportunities available to us.

Charterhouse believes in an education that lasts a lifetime; beyond achieving qualifications and passing examinations. It aims to equip its students to lead a purpose-driven life by providing a holistic education based on tradition. The school seeks to instil a sense of character based on compassion, integrity and sound judgement, a commitment to serve society and a readiness to contribute to the common good.

The five core values of Charterhouse include Responsibility, Moral courage, Perseverance, Open-mindedness and Kindness.


We promote a sense of responsibility in our students. We model individuals who are self-disciplined and self-aware, committed to serving and supporting the community around them.

Moral Courage

We hold ourselves with integrity and do what is right even if it is hard. We realise the impact of our behaviour on those around us and strive to leave a positive impact.


We teach our students to persevere in the face of adversity. We encourage them to work hard and overcome challenges, learn from mistakes and be the change that the world needs.


We are courageous to take up new opportunities and accept the perspectives of others.


We are accepting of ourselves and our abilities, and are considerate of the needs of others.

Inspired by tradition and informed by contemporary thinking, Charterhouse gives students the skills to make them future-ready.

Instilling Carthusian Values Within A Contemporary Campus

The contemporary campus and modern school environment are informed by the work of David Thornburg, one of the leading futurists in educational technology. We have developed the four archetypal learning spaces (the campfire, cave, watering hole, and mountain top) identified by Thornburg in our school using cutting-edge design and materials.

The ‘campfire’ at Charterhouse Malaysia is a classroom where students gather to listen to the teacher, ask questions and learn from each other. The notion of ‘cave’ refers to the library and quiet corners in the school where students can withdraw from the noise and reflect on their learning.

There are several ‘watering holes’ scattered around the campus. These are informal spaces where students can get together and share ideas, collaborate and learn from each other. Finally, the ‘mountain top’ analogy refers to areas where students may demonstrate knowledge and understanding. It is the ‘peak experience’ where students demonstrate knowledge and subject mastery. These are spaces that include auditoriums, gallery spaces and multimedia networks.

The contemporary design of the learning spaces at Charterhouse allows movement and flexibility. Which, in turn, leads to increased social engagement, improved concentration and better academic performance.

The Community at The Heart of The School

Charterhouse is located in the vibrant hub of Sri Hartamas and in close proximity to the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Mont Kiara and Solaris, an area with a significant expatriate population and an international outlook, much like the school itself. At Charterhouse, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community. Be it the campus, learning spaces or curriculum – the school encourages connections. We treasure connections because when schools, caregivers, communities and families work together to support learning, students become more committed to their studies and show improved results.

Our connection with the urban environment runs deep as a service-learning campus. The school is set in a repurposed, retro-fitted structure; sending a strong message about sustainability to benefit the local community with our presence. This connection ensures that our students carry the values imbibed in school as they move out in the world as community-minded global citizens.

Charterhouse Malaysia prepares students for the A level and IGCSE exams, as well as university admissions. Our unique and robust curriculum inspires them to be future leaders, ready to take on the complexities and challenges of the changing world courageously.

Our training of the mind through Spectra Smarts approach helps them develop their full intelligence, design thinking teaches them to solve problems creatively and our independent learning projects, combined with the Charterhouse Forum, allow them to collaborate, work in teams and get active in the community as they learn valuable life skills preparing them for a smooth transition into university life.

Charterhouse Malaysia is an English-medium International School located in the heart of Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Our comprehensive and holistic pedagogy focuses on equipping students with a Future Ready perspective and skills. Be part of a Future Ready education and Apply for term 2022.