Charterhouse UK Visit to Charterhouse Malaysia Campus

Written by Balvinder, Parent Committee Member

On the 9th of March we had the privilege of meeting 3 very esteemed gentlemen from Charterhouse UK. Charterhouse Malaysia had organised a lovely tea party to welcome them and to also give the opportunity to parents to have some brainstorming and constructive discussions regarding the future of their children.

Present were also alumni of CHUK who had a chance to meet their teachers and reminisce the good old days. The evening was so beautifully organised with students showcasing their skills with musical instruments as well as their melodious voices. A number of parents took this opportunity to speak to Mr Simon Allen (Assistant Headteacher) and Mr. Andrew Turner (Senior Deputy Headteacher) and in fact I myself had a wonderful chat with Dr. Alex Peterken (Headteacher) about how to ensure our children do the right subjects and decide their future without pressuring them and limiting their future choices. Mr. Peterken was very reassuring and in fact eased a lot of our concerns including what if the child changes his/her mind whilst in university. Whilst Charterhouse Malaysia has equally qualified counsellors, it was heartwarming and reassuring to get a different perspective.

Thank you Charterhouse Malaysia for organising this special event and for including the parents in a very productive session with fabulous exchanges of information and ideas.