Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Future Ready - Education for A New Reality


Future Ready – Education for a new reality

At Charterhouse Malaysia we recognise that artificial intelligence is changing the workplace and that to prepare our students for success in this “new reality” we need to move away from a traditional education programme that focuses exclusively on academic intelligence and the accumulation of knowledge, to one which embraces the full breadth of human intelligence.

Our approach to the development of students is holistic and active. We believe that by providing our students with the best academic programme, that provides opportunity to apply what has been learned to real life situations, and by cultivating participation in a broad range of co-curricular activities, the building of internal and external relationships, the sharing of experiences, the understanding of self, and by nurturing a sense of community, we will prepare our students to be “Future Ready”.



Study, Create, and Inspire

Charterhouse  Malaysia is a school where students and teachers study, create, and inspire, to develop their capacities to build better lives for themselves and for others.


Scholarship is not about memorising and regurgitating information. It’s about being able to think, solve problems, adapt to new situations and learning how to learn.

Our teachers are trained in techniques to develop independent thinkers and our intelligence-based curriculum prepares students to think critically, creatively and inquisitively about the information they acquire.


Whilst creative activities such as music, drama and art are experienced independently at Charterhouse Malaysia, they are also interwoven across our education programme. However, we take creativity to mean so much more than this. We believe that creative thinking is fundamental to deep learning and is therefore at the heart of everything we do. Our IGCSE and A Level curricula are delivered using Project and Problem Based Learning and additionally all students engage in independent learning projects. Through the application of design thinking students learn how to creatively problem-solve. Students, through the development of their Learner Portfolios apply design thinking to their academic and super curricula activities, including student leadership, entrepreneurship and service learning.


Students are given opportunities within the school and through projects in the wider community to make a difference and inspire others. Our unique Charterhouse Forum based on the Student Union in UK Universities, our House Systen and our Charterhouse Community Partnership place emphasis on active participation and the development of potential. We instill in our students a sense of purpose, responsibility and community.

Core values

Charterhouse Malaysia shares, and is informed by, the core values of Charterhouse UK, including responsibility, moral courage, perseverance, open-mindedness, and kindness.

  • Responsibility

We reflect on all we have, make the most of opportunities available to us and seek to serve and support the community around us.

  • Moral Courage

We have integrity and try to do what we know to be right, even when that is hard. We consider the impact of our behaviour on the world around us and try to leave a positive impact.

  • Perseverance

We face challenges but are determined to learn from our struggles so that we may become the change that the world needs.

  • Open-Mindedness

We are open to new possibilities and ideas and are accepting of other people’s viewpoints.

  • Kindness

We are accepting of ourselves and our own abilities and we are sensitive towards the needs of others.