Independent Learning Projects

Solving real world problems within our community

The Independent Learning Projects (ILP) form an integral part of our curriculum at Charterhouse Malaysia. Over the course of their two-year programme, our learners will conduct an Independent Research Project aimed at solving a real – world problem. The project should be linked to the curriculum in one or more of the subjects that the learner is studying, however, a criterion for every project will be that it be of “demonstrable value to others”. This might mean that it serves some social or charitable purpose, that it provides benefit in some way, solves a problem, or otherwise meets a community need.

Our learners will use a ‘Design Thinking’ model to help them empathise with the problem they wish to solve, and encourage them to be creative in their pursuit of finding solutions. The Charterhouse Asia model for Design Thinking is ‘WEAVE’


All students will be encouraged to adapt their ILP for entry into the Cambridge ‘International Project Qualification’, a highly sought after qualification by all prestigious Universities, and the equivalent of one AS Level.

Students will benefit from dedicated, structured curriculum to complete their ILP in school, and pursue opportunities in the community for research and community outreach that may form part of the Design Thinking process.