In an era where technology is transforming the future of the workplace to an extent that it is difficult to predict what successful professions will look like in the next 10 years, there is a need for a ‘Future Ready’ education that caters to the new reality.

In a report entitled THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION AND SKILLS, EDUCATION 2030, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) mentioned that “Future-ready students need to exercise agency, in their own education and throughout life. Agency implies a sense of responsibility to participate in the world and, in so doing, to influence people, events and circumstances for the better.” It further states that “To help enable agency, educators must not only recognise learners’ individuality, but also acknowledge the wider set of relationships – with their teachers, peers, families and communities – that influence their learning.”

The world is clearly looking forward to students and future leaders who have the knowledge, skills, creativity, thinking and ability to learn and adapt in unprecedented times.

But What Does a Future-Ready Education Look Like?

The first step towards creating a future-ready education is a paradigm shift from the traditional teacher led-learning to student-centred learning. Student-led learning is a powerful method that steps away from the one-size fits all approach. It embraces the concept of personalised learning which allows learners to discover their passion and interests while reaching their full potential.

It also allows students to make mistakes, learn from them and try again – a great way to promote creative thinking, problem-solving and innovation.  The most amazing thing about student-led learning is that it empowers students to play an active role in their education, motivating them to be committed lifelong learners.

To prepare students for the world of tomorrow, schools need to focus more on the skills and adaptability required to match the competition faced in this changing world. They need to develop the skills that artificial intelligence and robotics cannot substitute for.

This calls for learning on a deeper level- an environment that provides opportunities for critical thinking and the application of skills in real-life situations.

Finally, it is time for schools to allow students to exercise agency. When students are allowed to take ownership or responsibility for their learning, it motivates them to grow and be actively involved in the process.

Future-Ready Education at Charterhouse Malaysia

Charterhouse Malaysia’s unique education programme ensures that our students will have the confidence to take on the world’s complexities and opportunities. The school day is designed to furnish students with opportunities for collaboration and leadership.

Charterhouse Malaysia’s Spectra Smarts approach develops students’ full range of human intelligence and is designed to bring out the best of what it means to be human so that graduates are ‘Future Ready’, and equipped with the tools needed to succeed in a high-tech future. In addition, students learn to solve problems using Design Thinking – a powerful, human-centred thinking methodology used by scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to solve the world’s most complex problems. This flexible, creative approach to problem-solving gives students an edge, enabling them to use their innately human qualities such as empathy to complement rather than compete with Artificial Intelligence in the changing landscape of work and industry.

Charterhouse Malaysia requires each student to complete an  Independent Learning Project, combining students’ newfound innovation and emotional intelligence skills with a commitment to serve. Working with the community enables students to engage in active learning, and to acquire valuable life lessons by using ethical research approaches to solve problems in the community. These opportunities and experiences culminate in the submission of an academic essay, earning students the Cambridge International Project Qualification (IPQ). The qualification is worth 1 AS level and is highly regarded by the worlds’ top universities.

The culture of Charterhouse is designed in a way that nurtures independence, maturity and responsibility to best prepare students for the transition to university. A focus on interdependence and interconnectedness among the students, the school and the local community, instil respect for strong relationships and the value of good community ties.

We also give students the time to explore their own academic and personal strengths and passions. Whether it be learning to play the violin or getting to grips with advanced physics, Charterhouse ensures that they discover the value of learning something in depth.

Charterhouse Forum – Creating Future Leaders

At Charterhouse Malaysia we believe all our students are leaders and consequently during their time with us they will be provided with numerous ways in which to inspire others. All students are automatically members of the Charterhouse Forum which acts as a vehicle for them to explore leadership opportunities; to take on roles of leadership or to be active team members, and to have a substantial impact on the Charterhouse Malaysia community and beyond.

The Charterhouse Forum is a student-led body that is responsible for the personal development of all our students. The Forum is democratically led by an Executive Committee and subcommittees reporting to the executive providing many leadership opportunities under many different strands of activity such as sports, performing arts, community outreach, technology, trips, well-being etc.

Students are expected to participate in a broad range of activities where they develop skills that will be transferable to all walks of life, whatever they choose to be in the future. Their participation and development within the Forum will be guided by our Design Thinking process (WEAVE) and will be evidenced in their Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio in readiness for their applications to top universities globally.

Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio

Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio is a unique part of our ground-breaking programme which acts as the vehicle through which you chart your intellectual, ethical and spiritual growth: your learning journey.

While the Learner’s Portfolio provides the framework within which this Learning Journey will evolve, students will apply Design Thinking and WEAVE within this as their guides for mapping the journey out.

The Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio will provide evidence that you have:

  • increased your awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth
  • undertaken new challenges
  • planned and initiated activities
  • worked collaboratively with others
  • shown perseverance and commitment
  • engaged with issues of local, national and global importance
  • considered the ethical implications of your actions
  • developed new skills
  • embraced the full breadth of your human intelligence

It is our belief that a student that achieves top academic results will open the doors to the best opportunities after school, but the student with a well-developed Learner’s Portfolio will have the depth and breadth of experiences, knowledge, skills and understanding that will allow them to walk through these doors. The Forum, our leadership programme, will develop students that are ‘Future Ready’.

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we do not see our goal solely as being able to help you gain access to the best universities globally or achieve the highest A-Level grades. We aim for you to be ready to succeed at school, at university and in your careers and lives beyond. To achieve this we will ensure that you are “Future Ready”.

Charterhouse Malaysia is an English-medium International School located in the heart of Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Our comprehensive and holistic pedagogy focuses on equipping students with a Future Ready perspective and skills. Be a Founding Carthusian and apply for A Levels here.