“Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.” – Albert Einstein

From providing education for a new reality to the modern design of the learning spaces, learning at Charterhouse is not just confined to the boundaries of the classroom, it is an experience that translates into every area of their life, preparing them for university and the real world beyond.

Modern Learning Environment at Charterhouse Malaysia

Charterhouse Malaysia is an English-medium International School with a modern international outlook. Set in the heart of Sri Hartamas, we prepare our students for the Cambridge A levels and IGCSE exams in a varied and dynamic learning environment. As an Asian edition of one of Britain’s most prestigious public schools, we believe we have the best of both worlds, benefitting from the legacy of heritage while positioned to harness the exciting potential of the future. Our shared DNA with Charterhouse UK means the values and traditions of our parent school are ingrained in the culture of our school, sustaining the quality of English education. Everything about the school, from the curriculum design to the layout of learning spaces, is derived from our education ethos, Study, Create, and Inspire.


Study is not about memorising and regurgitating information. It’s about being able to think, solve problems, adapt to new situations and learning how to learn.Our intelligence-based curriculum prepares students to think critically, creatively and inquisitively about the information they acquire.


Creative thinking is fundamental to deep learning and is at the heart of everything we do. All students engage in independent learning projects and through the process of design thinking learn how to creatively problem-solve.


Students are given opportunities within the school and through projects in the wider community to make a difference and inspire others. We instill in students a sense of comradeship and community which is extended beyond the walls of traditional learning.

Our well-designed campus allows for flexibility and student movement which in turn leads to better academic performance, improved concentration and increased social engagement.

Discussions can be taken outside the classroom and students gather in small groups to collaborate and share ideas. This gives them the chance to get to grips with complex ideas while learning to communicate and build strong relationships among teachers and peers.

Throughout the campus, quiet spaces are set aside for contemplation and independent learning, so that when the class gathers again as a group, the students have had the opportunity to reflect on the material and gain deeper insight. This approach helps prepare young people not just for university life but the real world beyond.


Our campus is informed by the work of one of the leading futurists in educational technology, David Thornburg. He identified four archetypal learning spaces – the campfire, cave, watering hole and mountain top – that work together to boost learning outcomes. We have developed these varied and creative learning environments in our school using cutting-edge design and materials.

At Charterhouse Malaysia, the “campfire” is the classroom where students gather to listen to their teacher, stories are told, questions are asked, and the group learns from each other.

Thornburg’s notion of “cave” is found in the library spaces and quiet corners where students can withdraw from the noise of the classroom for quiet reflection, giving them the private time needed to consolidate learning.

There are plenty of “watering holes” scattered around the campus – informal spaces where students can gather to share ideas and information, collaborate and learn from each other.

And when students are ready to publicly demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, there is the “mountain top” – the auditorium, gallery spaces and multimedia networks.

Education for A New Reality

Through holistic education, Charterhouse Malaysia prepares students to meet the demands of university life and beyond. We believe intellectual development is not just limited to academic intelligence and the accumulation of knowledge. It includes being smart about people, understanding, thinking, feelings, situations and oneself.

In the coming age of Artificial Intelligence, when automation will dominate the industry, those who will flourish will be the ones who can work with the robots, not be outsmarted by them. Our unique approach, Spectra Smarts, is designed to bring out the best of what it means to be human so that our graduates are ready to succeed in a high-tech future.

In addition, our students are taught to solve problems using design thinking – an innovative process widely used by scientists, inventors and innovators. It gives students the skills to solve problems creatively and use their innately human qualities to complement rather than compete with AI.

Charterhouse Malaysia’s approach to design thinking is called “WEAVE”: Wonder, students engage with a problem or unanswered question; Explore, they use research skills to consider the barriers to solving the problem; Apply, they prototype possible solutions; Value, they refine their work based on feedback from their peers, teachers and the community; and Exhibit, they launch their finished product.

Charterhouse also emphasises independent learning projects and commitment to service to get the students active in the community. The independent learning programme encourages students to reach out and go into the community, interact with the people, work with them to identify the challenges and come up with solutions. In this way, they learn to have a real and meaningful impact on the community they are in and carry the valuable life lessons with them, be it in the university or their workplace in the future.

Charterhouse Malaysia – Revolutionising the Learning Experience

Launched in 2021, Charterhouse Malaysia represents an exclusive partnership with one of Britain’s most reputable public schools. We have integrated the practice and traditions of Charterhouse UK with contemporary teaching methods and philosophy to create a distinctive education that is uniquely suited to Asia. Charterhouse Malaysia is the first in a network of these new schools across the region.

While the approach to teaching and the facilities are modern, the Charterhouse UK values of perseverance, open-mindedness, responsibility, moral courage, and kindness remain the same. Inspired by tradition and informed by contemporary thinking, we give students the skills that will enable them to thrive in the future.

We are proud of our British roots, secure in our Asian identity, and committed to serve a diverse international community. Our vision is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and passion to make a positive impact not only on their communities but on the wider world.

The school’s ethos is rooted in the three ambitions we have for our students – to study, to create and to inspire.